MedAssistInternational Ltd

Benefits for legal entities


At the conclusion of the contract of corporate medical services enterprises and organizations have an opportunity to fully exploit the following benefits:

  • payment of medical care under the contract relates on the cost price of work and services in the amount of up to 6% of the wage fund (paragraph 16 of Art. 255 of the Tax Code);
  • payment for medical services is free from value added tax (paragraph 2 article 149 of the Tax Code);
  • medical organization from the first day of treatment controls the amount, timing and quality of health care, protecting the interests of patients during the treatment period;
  • reducing of the expenses for sick leaves as a result of reduction of terms of staff disability.



  • In a wide range medical organization provides medical services to patients;
  • The volume and quality of medical services are controlled by professionals (by medical experts of the organization);
  • Medical Center organizes the health services through the contact center around the clock;
  • High level of the medical institutions staff;
  • Ability to organize medical station in the customer office.

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