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Periodic health examination

Pre-trip medical check-up

Pre-trip drivers medical check-up is an obligatory medical examination in accordance with Article 20 of the Federal Law "About Road Traffic Safety" and Article 213 of the RF Labor Code.

Qualitative evaluation of health status, identifying of pathologies and disorders, testing for alcohol and narcotic substances in the blood of drivers can prevent road accidents and save many lives.

Periodic medical check-ups

Periodic medical check-ups are carried out for approving contingents (according to the Order of the Health Ministry of Russia № 302n from April 12, 2011) directly on the enterprise.

The purpose of the periodic medical check-ups is to identify the first signs of diseases associated with exposure of certain harmful factors at work (their set list is indicated by regulatory enactments).

Preliminary medical examinations

Preliminary medical examination is held for people whose professional activity is harmful for the health status of a person.

(Order of the Health Ministry of Russia № 302n from April 12, 2011).

This procedure is carried out to confirm an employer professional suitability of a potential employee for medical reasons.

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