MedAssistInternational Ltd

Voluntary health insurance program "ON CUSTOMER CONTRACTS"

    The program includes the following services:

  • Services of the clock (or after hours) Call-center.
  • Organization of all types of medical care by voluntary health insurance program:

    • an explanation of the program by kinds of medical care and treatment facilities to which the Client is attached;
    • consultation of the Client about how to act when he is in emergency condition;
    • recording to the doctor - specialist or recording for testing;
    • organization of home visit;
    • call ambulance, medical transportation to health care facilities;
    • organization of emergency and planned hospitalization, medical inpatients support prior to discharge;
    • coordination of health services with health facilities;
  • Timely processing of guarantee letters and transferring them into hospitals.
  • Information support and documentation preparation of service processes.

For detailed service information and service value you can contact the agreement department "MLDC-NT" by the phone numbers listed on our site.

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