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Check-up programs

Why do we need check-up?

Any check-up is aiming at defining any diseases or any risk of their accurance. This gives an opportunity for more effective treatment on time or to stop further progress of a disease.

Check-up is recommended both for those who feel healthy enough but wish to evaluate their general health condition and reveal any latent risk of disease, and those who don’t feel well but cannot define the reason of illness.

Basic check-up helps to reveal asymptomatic hypertension, to prevent strokes or renal disfunction. As well as the initial signs of coronary artery disease, blood system diseases, diabetes, tuberculosis, precancerous conditions, zero stage tumors. That all provides more effective treatment, including total recovery.

Check-up is more important to reveal early stages of cardiovascular system diseases and cancer as they are the most life-treating.

Further check-up helps to access the development of main indicators, clarify personal prognosis and widen the system of preventive measures.

Regular check-up - is:

  • disease prevention;
  • revealing risk factors of common chronic diseases;
  • revealing diseases on starting stages without any symptoms;
  • opportunity to start a healthy life;
  • dynamic health monitoring.

Any standard check-up includes: general blood and urine tests, sugar and cholesterine rate definition, cancer markers, ECG, chest CT, abdominal ultrasound. Modern check-up programs are developed taking into account age, gender and any disease appearance risk, that clarifies the range of tests, their number and program quality.

As soon as examination is finished doctor makes conclusions about any chances of disease development based test results and risk factors.

Our company organizes check-up on the following programs:

  • - Out-patient check-up - 5000 RUR.
  • - In-patient check-up - 15 000 RUR.

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