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Treatment programmes

Commercial ambulance

Unfortunately today, you can not always rely on municipal ambulance: heavy workload, lack of medicines have a negative impact on the quality of care. Not always ambulance can quickly hospitalize to the nearest hospital.

Definitely there are working professionals, but often the negative factors can lead to the fact that the patient will not be able to get at the right time necessary assistance. In this case, a commercial ambulance is considered an indispensable alternative of free municipal ambulance.

In addition, the of providing emergency assistance for compulsory health insurance program includes not all necessary medical services, some of them can perform only commercial ambulance. For example, transportation of the patients between regions, taking tests at home, home care, and others.

Our company cooperates with leading companies that provide services of commercial ambulance. Round the clock modern contact center ensures that you and your clients will not "wait on line" and receive the necessary assistance as soon as possible.

Under the program "Commercial ambulance" we organize:

  • the provision of emergency assistance in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases and injuries
  • transportation of the patient to the hospital
  • organization of doctors on duty ambulance
  • medical evacuation from tourist countries and difficult to reach areas
  • medical transportation of patients around Moscow, in the area, regions, the CIS and other countries

"Outpatient care"

"Home care"

Ambulatory polyclinic care - outpatient health care assistance provided to persons, which come to the doctor and, at home. It is the most widespread and available to public, which is of primary importance for medical care to the population.

Under the program "Outpatient care", our company organizes services in leading hospitals throughout Russia.




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